Past Products

Some of the other things I have created since starting cosplay in 2011.

Saturday, 17 December 2016
Big Hero 6 & Adventure Time Hats
Happy from Fairy Tail Plush front view
Navy Pleated Skirt with Bow
Carla, Lily & Happy Plushies from Fairy Tail
Minion Plush
Black Bear Onesie
Pacman Magnet Sets
Nyan Cat Magnet
Scrump from Lilo & Stitch Plush
Chibi Sloth Charms
Soot Sprite Charms from Spirited Away.
Happy from Fairy Tail Hoodie.
Finn from Adventure Time Hats
Snorlax Onesie
Cat Ear Beanie
Yellow Bear Hat
Various Creations
Black Bear Onesie Base
Cat Ear Beanie
Various Creations
Cat Paw Scarves
Sloth Onesie
Lily from Fairy Tail Plush
Natsu from Fairy Tail Scarf
Chiyo's Father from Azumanga Daioh Plush
Fiona from Adventure Time Hat
Mario Bros Mushroom Charms
Shiro Neko Charm
Zombie Pikachew
Black Satin Neck Bow
Cat Ears
Happy from Fairy Tail Plush back view
Happy from Fairy Tail Plush Back Tattoo view
Happy from Fairy Tail Plush Knapsack Fish view
Kuro Neko Charm
Cat Ears & Tail Set
Various Kitten Charms
Zombie Pikachew
Panda Charm
Red Velvet Neck Bow
Brown Kitten Charm
Zombie Pikachew
Chibi Stiffy & Kitten Charms
Hello Kitty Charms
Zombie Pikachew
Chibi Ghost Charms
Red Velvet Bow
Various Bows
Various Neck Bows
Mario Bros Mushroom Magnets
Black Fluffy Eared Hat
Cat Ears & Tail Set
Various Creations
DOTA 2 Hoodie Dress
Fluffy Black Ears Scarf-Hood
Cat Ears & Tail Set

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